Michaels Body Scenes

Instead of trying to reinvent wheel in describing Barre, we have opted to refer to Marissa Gillis’ description, dated Feb. 19th, 2014; “….Barre (pronounced bar) literally refers to the Barre that is used as part of conditioning in ballet and some other styles of dance. Barre, the class, is a total body workout that promises to sculpt long, lean muscles after just a handful of sessions. The key? Seemingly endless repetitions of low-impact, high-intensity moves that really let you feel the burn.” This photo from Fit&Win captures the essence of Barre.

In order to get these great results, your muscles will need to “shake” and “scream” for mercy by the time you finish each section of your Class. The Training Sections will cover the following body parts/segments:

  • Your Arms
  • Your Legs
  • Your Seat [i.e. Glutes]
  • Your Abs.[i.e. CORE]

“Behind Barre” classes will incorporate elements of Pilates, Dance, and Yoga in order to whip your body into pristine condition; primarily utilizing small, repetitive movements to tone muscles quickly and effectively”. Training equipment will also be used to stimulate your muscles as well.

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